Morgan + Alex - Engagement Session

Hi friends! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog, but your girl was busy busy during summer! Anyway, I’m back and am sharing this amazing couple’s story!

How lucky am I to take pictures of my family who I also consider very close friends? Growing up with Alex as my cousin, everyday was.. interesting. Alex has always had the best since of humor and the most contagious laugh ever, It’s never a boring day with him! There could not be a better match for Alex than his fiance Morgan! I knew Morgan all throughout high school and always thought she was the sweetest thing! Being the matchmaker I am, I got the two talking. Here we are about a year later, and they are planning their wedding! Sure, they didn’t date long before they got engaged, but when they first started dating, I think we all knew they were meant for each other. Looking at these pictures, you can see the love between the two of them. I absolutely loved getting to document it. I adore these two so much and cannot wait to welcome Morgan into the family, officially!

Reason behind this cute laughing pic: I instructed them to both “touch foreheads”… Alex misunderstood and literally took his finger and touched her forehead!

Reason behind this cute laughing pic: I instructed them to both “touch foreheads”… Alex misunderstood and literally took his finger and touched her forehead!

Senior Rep Session

You know that feeling when you get so excited that you just want to scream? Yeah, that was me before, during, and after this session. We have been planning/organizing this session for months, but it was, with out a doubt, worth the wait! With our two themes, boho and retro, I was able to get creative with outfits (all from the client closet), poses, backdrops, and props. I had so much fun during the session, regardless of how many bugs we all swallowed. I can’t thank my models, Grace and Megan, and the hair/makeup artists, Alex Gillihan and Shelby Jones, enough!


I have teamed up with a couple beauticians to offer high school seniors the ultimate experience. Seniors will now have the option to get their hair and make up done by Alex Gillihan and Shelby Jones, and will have access to the BSP client closet. The goal of this package is to customize sessions to seniors personalities, all while creating unique looks and images. Head over to the contact tab to shoot me a message and I’ll send you more information on the senior packages. We can wait to work with you!

Shelby and Alex working their magic on Grace.

And again, with Megan! I love how both of the girls’ hair and makeup turned out, so natural and pretty.

Gorgeous makeup by Shelby.

I adore this hair style!! Alex is a hair genie.


You didn’t think I’d leave Tucker out of the session, did ya? Such a good model boy!

60’s Barbie. I’m in love with this look! Can we bring the 60’s back please?

Fun fact: Grace and Megan have been friends since grade school! I loved getting to take pictures of them two having fun!

Yep, that’s an old red corvette (heart eyes). Grace’s grandpa was kind enough to let us borrow it to complete our retro theme!

Disclaimer: These are sparkling water bottles, not champagne bottles!

Session Outfits - Evansville Indiana Photographer

Who here struggles with finding outfits for photo sessions? I feel like that would be the majority of us! Outfits can truly make or break how well pictures turn out, so I’m here to give some guidance and share some exciting news! First and foremost, coordinate, don’t match! Family pictures are probably the hardest to find outfits for, but one tip to follow is to coordinate colors and patterns! If you need assistance with how to coordinate, shoot me a message and I'll be glad to help! For all the women out there, maxi dresses are so flattering and photograph so well! They create movement in pictures which results in stunning images. At my studio, I try to keep all my backdrops neutral colors, mainly whites/creams. When choosing outfits for studio sessions, steer away from bright colors or clothing with words on it, muted or pastel colors typically photograph the best! For all my seniors, I encourage you to go outside of your box when choosing outfits. Stay true to your style, but have fun with it! Accessories are always great add ons that can make a picture unique!

Now… time for the exciting news!! For the past several weeks, I have been building a client closet! Clients will soon have the option to wander into the client closet to choose outfits or accessories to use during their sessions! The closet will have outfit options for high school seniors, women/mothers, and children! I have been accumulating maxi dresses which photograph well for family, engagement, maternity, and senior sessions! I also have outfit and accessory options for milestone sessions which will range from sizes 3 - 18 month! Majority of the closet will have options for high school seniors. This portion of the closet will have fun unique outfits and accessories that will help customize your senior session to your style! The closet is still a work in progress, I will continue to add outfits to the closet as long as I receive enough interest! If you have any questions about the client closet, or would like to use it, click the image below to send me a message!

Kristine + Jon - Maternity Session

I’ve known Kristine for several years, and she basically feels like family now. Its been crazy and amazing to see her transition into this new role of becoming a mother. I haven’t known Jon for very long but it is so clear how happy he makes Kristine and what a great dad he is going to be. Oaklyn is going to be spoiled with the most amazing and fun parents! During their session, I never felt like I was working. Everything felt so natural with Jon and Kristine, making the session run so smoothly. I absolutely cannot wait to meet baby Oaklyn and watch these two become parents!

Addison - Senior Session

Addison was my first senior session of 2019 and it has been one of my favorite sessions yet! I think high school is such an important and fun time in our lives so I love getting to capture seniors last year as a high schooler. Addison has such a fun personality and was never shy in front of the camera, which made my job almost too easy! During our session I learned that Addison also shares a passion in photography! I like to think I taught her one thing throughout our shoot together, and that one thing was: some times you have to risk it to get a good shot, even if that means accidentally stepping into a knee high mud puddle (*palm-to-face*). Addison thank you for allowing me to capture your senior pictures! Enjoy your last month or so as a senior!

Remy - Milestone Session

Okay, whoever said baby boys cant have cute style…. meet Remy. This boy’s mom has got him styling! I swear I haven’t stopped smiling while editing Remy’s pictures. Speaking of smiling… let me tell you all, I tried everything to get Remy to smile, but I had nothing on his parents, they knew all the tricks to get that cute little grin out of him! I hope someday when Remy is older that he thanks his parents for how goofy they acted just to make him smile for his pictures! (Whatever it takes, right?)

Northern California Travel - Travel Photographer

Wow. What a trip. I always know that my vacations out to California are going to be amazing but this one was indescribable. Many days consisted of me sitting in a coffee shop working/doing homework but once I was finished for the week the adventures were game on. For 2 days I got to explore half moon bay, a cute little town south of San Francisco with stunning views of the cliffs lining the coast and beautiful secluded beaches. Now for the good part. 

Over the weekend, Drew and I headed up north just a little south of Oregon. We stayed at an amazing campsite where a heard of elk would greet us each evening. We spent Sunday doing what we do best, exploring. We first made our way to Fern Canyon. In order to get there we had to cross freezing (and I mean freeezzingg) cold creeks, but it was totally worth it. The trail that lead us there also offered amazing views of the ocean, which is where we headed after the canyon. After the beach we wandered around the Redwood National and State Park. You guys.. I can’t even describe to you how incredible this place was. Never have I ever felt so small standing next to a tree! To top of our adventurous day, we headed to Trinidad where we hiked up a cliff and enjoyed a glass of wine while watching the sun set on the coast. Talk about romantic, am I right? (; 

This trip wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t make my way to the city! On my second to last day I ventured up to San Francisco, where I was greeted with stunning views! My first “little” adventure was Slacker Hill. I’m not exactly sure why they call it “Slacker” Hill because it took everything in me to reach the top. BUT, the views were totally worth it! Next on the agenda was Point Bonita Lighthouse. This place was A-MAZ-ING. I stayed here for awhile hoping that maybe, just maybe, Jason Mamoa (aka Auquaman) might appear. He didn’t. 

I am so grateful for all the adventures I am able to take but none of it would be possible if it weren’t for my amazing boyfriend, Drew! This trip was absolutely amazing and I have him to thank for everything. Until next time, Cali!

Alyssa + Cory - Engagement Session

When my cousin Alyssa asked me to be her engagement photographer, I knew it wasn’t going to be a typical engagement session, and I loved that. Alyssa and Cory’s relationship is nothing short of extraordinary. They have the perfect balance of keeping their relationship affectionate and quirky, which made this session so much fun. My favorite part of my job is customizing sessions to fit my clients personalities, which is exactly what we did for Cory and Alyssa’s session. By sharing a drink at Sportsman’s Grille + Billiards, exploring the Evansville Museum, and lastly taking in rooftop views of downtown evansville, I was able to document timeless images of Cory and Alyssa. It’s sessions like these where my job doesn’t feel like work. I loved getting to document their story through photographs and had the absolute best day with them.


Alyssa, thank you for always being so supportive. You have always encouraged me and have believed in me since the very beginning. So much love to you!!

Caleb - 9 Month Session

I still cant get over how happy Caleb was throughout his whole session!! Momma never failed to make him laugh, it was so cute! There is no doubt that he is a momma’s boy! I am so envious of Caleb’s big blue eyes, and quite frankly of his full head of hair too (I think he already has more hair than me lol). I’m going to be sad when this blued eyed cutie turns one and I won’t get to see him as much!

Valentines Day Getaway - New Harmony Indiana

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you and your significant other got professional pictures together? Let me guess, your wedding, right? It may be time for an update! Surprise your loved one with a photo session with Bri Schoettlin Photography! Yeah, flowers are nice, but only for a few days or so. Give a gift that will last a life time! Head over to the contact tab to get in touch with me about a gift card!

Since Valentines day is creeping up on us, I have planned the perfect little Valentines getaway for you and your loved one to take. New Harmony is the cutest little town in Indiana filled with the absolute nicest people. With its beautiful scenery, historic charm, exquisite restaurants, shops, and hotel, New Harmony is full of date night possibilities! 

Start your date night by dining at the Red Geranium, a fine dining restaurant with menu items that everyone will love. Next, visit some of New Harmony’s greatest outdoor attractions like the Roofless Church, the Harmonist Labyrinth, Carol’s Garden and Fountain of Life, or make your way down Main Street to check out some local shops. After wandering outside a bit, warm up by a fire with a beer or a glass of wine at Sara’s Bistro & Wine Bar. If you’re still thirsty after that, make your way over to Yellow Tavern for a drink or two. To end your night,  check in to the New Harmony Inn. Their premium rooms feature a fireplace with views overlooking the courtyard and lake. Staying the night at the New Harmony Inn is the perfect way to end a romantic date night!

Go to to check out more of New Harmony’s greatest attractions!

The Roofless Church

Sara’s Cafe, Bistro & Wine Bar

A.C. Thomas, Bed and Breakfast Inn

New Harmony Inn