Faye Diane - Milestone Sessions

This past august I was blessed with the cutest niece, Faye Diane Schoettlin. My brother Brandon and sister-in-law Katelyn decided to be surprised on what the sex of the baby was, and I'm so happy they did. There was nothing more special than walking into that hospital room to find a sweet baby girl already wrapped around her mommy and daddy's fingers. Brandon and Katelyn asked me to be Faye's godmother on my birthday, and I'm pretty sure I cried more than Faye did all day. It was the most special gift that I received. Everyone already knew that I would be taking endless amounts of pictures for my sweet godchild, but because of my busy schedule this past fall, I never got around to posting her pictures. So sit back and enjoy some images of who I believe to be the cutest little girl in the whole world.