California - 2018

California seems to be my main place of travel, and I have my boyfriend Drew to thank for that. Drew lives in Redwood City, which is a bit south of San Fransisco. This spring break, I took my 4th trip to California to spend 11 days with Drew. Within those 11 days, I went on several adventures and got to experience many new things! 

The first weekend, we traveled to Lake Tahoe to go skiing/snowboarding and after a few wipeouts, I found myself recovering in the hot tub while sipping on mimosas (the ultimate combination). Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures on my camera while we were here, but take my word for it, it was beautiful. Since Drew works during the week, I had to entertain myself somehow, and exploring was how I did it. I made my way to San Francisco for two days out of the week, where I found my self being the typical tourist with my camera glued to my face. Being from St. Philip, I often feel out of my element when I travel to the city, but I am always amazed by the stunning views and endless picture opportunities. (Traveling tip for the city: don't wear those cute heeled booties that go perfect with your outfit.. your feet will hate you and the SF hills will laugh at you... wear the tennis shoes). I also spent a day at Half Moon Bay beach where I had almost the whole beach to my self.. except for the seagulls of course! For the days in between my exploring I decided to just relax and shop.. because what's a vacation without a shopping trip?! 

The last couple of days I spent there were my favorite. On Saturday, Drew and I started off the day with a morning bike ride and later went on a 4 mile hike to a waterfall at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Sunday, we traveled to Napa Valley with Drew's roommates for a day full of wine tasting! This was my favorite day because I got to dress up and pretend I could afford the $400 bottle of wine that we were tasting #fancy! My favorite tasting was at Castello Di Amorosa because of the amazing architecture that made me feel like I was at a castle in Italy, and of course because of the delicious wine. Later that night I had to say goodbye to Drew and all of California's beauty. While each goodbye only gets harder, I am always grateful for the time I get to spend with Drew and all my adventures in California.

The Sutro Baths of San Francisco was once a public indoor swimming establishment that was burnt to the ground in 1966, which resulted in historical ruins that lead to breathless views of the Pacific Ocean. I spent nearly 2 hours here, taking in the views and listening to the ocean.

Don't let my face fool you, this was honestly terrifying! Also, my goldfish bag was stolen by a sneaky bird in the making of this picture. :(

Hoping to own one of these yachts someday! A girl can dream, right?

The Palace of Fine Arts is such a beautiful and unexpected place in the city. After walking through the skyscrapers in the city, coming across this was quite refreshing!

Drew's quote of the day: "When you got into photography you didn't know you'd be dating a model, huh?"

We had the most beautiful day in Napa, filled with sunshine and delicious wine!

Castello di Amorosa, the only winery we visited that had my favorite type of wine, moscato!

A big thank you to this guy for making this trip the best one yet!

If you didn't take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, did you even go to San Francisco?