Session Outfits - Evansville Indiana Photographer

Who here struggles with finding outfits for photo sessions? I feel like that would be the majority of us! Outfits can truly make or break how well pictures turn out, so I’m here to give some guidance and share some exciting news! First and foremost, coordinate, don’t match! Family pictures are probably the hardest to find outfits for, but one tip to follow is to coordinate colors and patterns! If you need assistance with how to coordinate, shoot me a message and I'll be glad to help! For all the women out there, maxi dresses are so flattering and photograph so well! They create movement in pictures which results in stunning images. At my studio, I try to keep all my backdrops neutral colors, mainly whites/creams. When choosing outfits for studio sessions, steer away from bright colors or clothing with words on it, muted or pastel colors typically photograph the best! For all my seniors, I encourage you to go outside of your box when choosing outfits. Stay true to your style, but have fun with it! Accessories are always great add ons that can make a picture unique!

Now… time for the exciting news!! For the past several weeks, I have been building a client closet! Clients will soon have the option to wander into the client closet to choose outfits or accessories to use during their sessions! The closet will have outfit options for high school seniors, women/mothers, and children! I have been accumulating maxi dresses which photograph well for family, engagement, maternity, and senior sessions! I also have outfit and accessory options for milestone sessions which will range from sizes 3 - 18 month! Majority of the closet will have options for high school seniors. This portion of the closet will have fun unique outfits and accessories that will help customize your senior session to your style! The closet is still a work in progress, I will continue to add outfits to the closet as long as I receive enough interest! If you have any questions about the client closet, or would like to use it, click the image below to send me a message!