Senior Rep Session

You know that feeling when you get so excited that you just want to scream? Yeah, that was me before, during, and after this session. We have been planning/organizing this session for months, but it was, with out a doubt, worth the wait! With our two themes, boho and retro, I was able to get creative with outfits (all from the client closet), poses, backdrops, and props. I had so much fun during the session, regardless of how many bugs we all swallowed. I can’t thank my models, Grace and Megan, and the hair/makeup artists, Alex Gillihan and Shelby Jones, enough!


I have teamed up with a couple beauticians to offer high school seniors the ultimate experience. Seniors will now have the option to get their hair and make up done by Alex Gillihan and Shelby Jones, and will have access to the BSP client closet. The goal of this package is to customize sessions to seniors personalities, all while creating unique looks and images. Head over to the contact tab to shoot me a message and I’ll send you more information on the senior packages. We can wait to work with you!

Shelby and Alex working their magic on Grace.

And again, with Megan! I love how both of the girls’ hair and makeup turned out, so natural and pretty.

Gorgeous makeup by Shelby.

I adore this hair style!! Alex is a hair genie.


You didn’t think I’d leave Tucker out of the session, did ya? Such a good model boy!

60’s Barbie. I’m in love with this look! Can we bring the 60’s back please?

Fun fact: Grace and Megan have been friends since grade school! I loved getting to take pictures of them two having fun!

Yep, that’s an old red corvette (heart eyes). Grace’s grandpa was kind enough to let us borrow it to complete our retro theme!

Disclaimer: These are sparkling water bottles, not champagne bottles!