Big Sur Road Trip - Travel Photographer

My 5th trip out to California has by far been my favorite yet. Drew and I took his camper van (aka Van Marino) down south to Big Sur for 5 days. While I had researched this place for several weeks, I never imagined it being this beautiful. For about 20 miles or so, our road-trip consisted of views of the pacific ocean on one side of the road and beautiful mountains on the other. Since Big Sur has no cell phone service, I felt like we got to see and experience so much more than if we would have been glued to our phones. (Side note: no matter how many times you tell your family you will have absolutely no service in Big Sur, they will still think you are dead and will try to call the parks of Big Sur to see if you’re alive). 

There are no words to describe how beautiful Big Sur truly was so instead of babbling on about what we all did and how breath taking our trip was, I’ll show you through the best way I know how to tell a story, through pictures.

Highway 1 - Big Sur California

Laying out at Pfeiffer Beach. You can't tell it here, but some of the sand is purple! 

*Heart eyes*

If it were legal, I would have been taking pictures like this the whole road trip.

Van Marino looking fine as heck!

McWay Falls. This place was an absolute dream!

Thankful for everything he did to make this trip happen! Also thankful that he didn't complain about all the pictures I was taking lol.

This may be a shocker to some, but sunsets on the west coast are better than Evansville sunsets. Crazy. I know.

The wave right after this one would have destroyed me..

This was our view while we were driving to our campsite up a sketchy road on the edge of a mountain. My anxiety was through the roof, but this view was well worth it!

For those of you who are concerned about my safety, there was 5 feet of clearance below me. I'm not that brave to sit on the edge of a 300 ft bridge!

Bixby Bridge- built in 1932